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About ‘Caring for Grandma’

She has 60 more years of experience, wisdom, and history under her belt.

She cared for me as a child. Helped to raise me during my horribly angsty pre-teen years.

Now I get to return the favor,  and have the privileged to live with and serve her with all the love and care she has always shown me.

In doing so, I get to glean from her all the things I never knew I needed to know, and all the things I worried I would never get a chance to know.

Like katzenjammer kids.

And how to get rid of those pesky toilet bowl rings.

And how to make spanish rice just the way she likes it.

And how to make the perfect zweibach.

And . . . the list goes on.

I never want to forget the words of wisdom she imparts, the humerus things she says and does, and the lessons I’ve learned from caring for grandma.


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